Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ramblings on: The Things in Life

I think that its a little funny that when the kids see me around church, and I'm holding onto something (say a board game someone borrowed or a scrap of paper), they eagerly ask me in hopeful little voices "OH! Is that for Sunday School??" ....It throws me off a little, but then I chuckle to myself, because I guess there's worse things to be known for, now isn't there?

Have you ever tried breaking up with a friend? I think its the hardest thing that a person can do....sometimes, though, in order to preserve the title "friend", it seems like the best route to go....Why is it so hard? What if they become angry? I have a feeling if something isn't done, there might be two very frustrated people....but then, I guess it would lead for an interesting topic to talk about....There's alot of things mulling around in my needs to stop! hahaa

I have a friend who is obsessed with weird questions and will randomly instant message me at work "Do Frog Fart?.....I'm going to look that up!" Few minutes later, "Look what i found! 'If it can poop, it can fart' Wow!"...and every since that conversation, I will get random "If it can poop it can fart" messages.....I then have to remind this person that I am a LADY! AND DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT THAT! As you can see, We are very sophisticated at my corporate workplace....

On a lighter note, isn't it the best feeling ever when someone tells you that you helped them in some way....all without you really even knowing? BEST. FEELING. EVER!



  1. ahahahahahahahha(normal weird laugh before beginning to explain why I'm laughing) because this will be the 3rd. time in a row that i comment on one of your stories. So I willl refrain from actually commenting and just say what I've just now told you. hahahahah

  2. I appreciate you taking time to comment! Means a lot!