Saturday, March 31, 2012

26 Random Things

1) Love to read. The last book I read was part of 1 Corinthians
2) My parents are about to arrive to my Place and all I can think about is eating Korean Food...And is my place clean enough for my mom?? We'll find out
3)Love reading blogs
4)When I have to do something, I try to do it in different ways.
5)Obsessed with coffee. Have to have it.
6)Work with kids with my church.
7)Sometimes I ignore my cell. Hey! It's my perogitive if I answer my own phone!
8)My pet peeve is people who are Slackers. BE DEPENDABLE!
9) Personally feel Loyalty can be stronger than Love
10) I often do not listen to non-Christian music. Why not? Because, I don't want to start thinking that women are ****es and that ***k is a normal word to say.
11)Often laugh at really random things....and I mean RANDOM....
12)Often have something in my hands...cell phone...pencils...bobby pins....
13)Has a shoe obsession
15)Likes to do "projects". While on a "project", that's all I can think about
16)Like eating food from different countries.
17)When focused on a task at hand, I literally can't respond to people when they talk to me.
18)Work for a very large Corporation
19)Love the silver time that happens right after the sun has just set.
20)Don't really like to be disturbed
21)Not athletic at all
22)When I don't like someone, I don't feel the need to try to small talk to them when they are around
23)Recently found someone that I REALLY dislike
24)Always carries hairspray in my purse
25) Left off number 14 on this list
26) Did you go back to see if I really did? I did.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Somethings Going on...

Something happened at work yesterday and I was fussing and fuming as to what was the right way to respond to the situation....My coworker tells me "Why are you the one worried about this? The other person is the one that did the wrong thing and YOU'RE the one worried??" That kind of snapped me out of that funk ahaha! Why do I do that to myself I wonder....JUST LET GOOOOOOO!!!!

On a lighter note (?), I think I might have opened a Pandora's box of office pranks that should have never been opened.....I guess there's no going back now......EEP!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Conversations with my Friend

I did not draw this, but I love it!
Sometimes people are put in our lives and everything is great....Other times, I think that people are put in our lives to put us in our place....I think that the friend that feels like they can say whatever they want for our own good is the best friend any of us could wish for....I'm thinking that I'm blessed with several of that kind hahahaha!

Me: "Hmmmm....we truly are serioulsy complete opposites on like every subject"
Friend: "Yeah I know
How could that be?
I think you're doing it on purpose
You pray to God to be opposite with me on everything."
I really lol'd"
Friend: "It's true though"

The whole concept of a Friend is really amazing.....what brings people together? Commonalities or the lack of commonalities? I think that if I figured this out, I would make millions. 

Last night, I sat down and started listing the qualities in my friends, trying to find the key.....Do I like them because we are similar? Do I like them because we aren't? I couldn't find the key...but what I DID find was the fact that these people that I consider to be my friends are people that I feel I can be myself with. There's no need to be artificial because they still will be my friend no matter how crazy I get (God help them! No really.......God, Please help them.....).  Thank Goodness for our friends!

Friday, March 16, 2012

You are an Original!!

Part of the group that was in the O event
Today, I was privileged to go to Ontario with a couple of the girls from church to the O Event.....and let me say that it was completely worth the drive and the entrance fee!

We walked in and they had a Candy Bar that was set up in the back with all items that were "O" themed....O donuts....O candy rings....O water bottles....

There was giveaways and an ice breaker game that involved animal noises, Lifesavers, toothpicks, and major invasion of personal space...yea...I won't go into details but it was great! hahaha!

There were five ladies that spoke before the main speaker. While a few of the speakers main had have a similar vein: "I was born in a Preachers house...." or  "I have always been in church....",the paths were so different for each of the ladies. I was amazed at how great God is, in that we can all come from different backgrounds and places, yet be untied with on thing.....Serving God!

I'm sorry to say that I was not able to record all the names of the speakers, but they all brought something different to the table. From the girl who knew verse after verse, to the one from the broken home, to the therapist, and the attorney all had an underlying message....they ALL had to come to the point in their lives where they had their very own "AH HA!" moment with God. When that happens, then our steps are ordered and we can know that we are in His will.

This conference really came to me at the time when I needed to hear these types of things....I have been feeling like I have been in No Man's Land (or I guess I should say No Woman's land) for such a long time now....from career to church. Like ....."Here I am God! What's the next thing you want to use me for?? God? Hello?? Gooooood??" ( God and I are pretty tight like that....I rage at Him and He answers when He's good and ready)

I loved how my eyes were opened to the fact that God treats us all as individuals (ORIGINALS) and if I "Position myself with a Purpose" then He will use my abilities (such as they are) for His glory. He's not going to lay something in my heart if its not even in my ability to do! Stop worrying about that, Diana! First I must commit myself to Him and He will do the rest.

As it says in Psalms 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." He will never give you a vision without providing the Provision!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

People Prefer Money

Hello All!
We will be doing a Spring Potluck this Friday (3/16/12) for our event.
We were thinking that Salads and Sandwicheswould be a good idea for spring, but please bring whatever is the best for you. J
The signup sheet will be passed around sometime today.
Please let me know if there are any questions!
Hello All!
Helen made a great suggestion that we should have some people contribute money(say around $5 or so) to go towards buying a Six Foot long sandwich for Fridays’ potluck. If you chose to contribute  money instead of bringing an item, please give the money to Helen by Thursday and write that on the signup sheet.
If you chose to bring an item, the signup sheet is on the File Cabinets by the Conference Room so please sign up for items if you haven’t already. J
Hello All!
Money is no longer an option….
The Signup sheet is still on the File Cabinet by the conference room J

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conversations with my Mother

After some conversation with my mother, her conclusion to solve all her life’s problems (from stress to joint pain) is for me to get married and have grandbabies for her.
This is a sample of a conversation that MAY or MAY NOT have take place with my mother.

Mom: “ You just need to hurry up and get married. OH I saw your old friend not too long ago…he’s getting OLD”
Me: “Mom, I’m ok the way I am now”
Mom: “I know, but it’s humans responsibility to replenish the earth”
Me: “ Mom! There’s plenty of people popping out babies already. I don’t think the human race is in danger of dying off”
Here she pauses like she’s really thinking about that comment
Mom:  "Yes you’re right....but if they all start thinking like you do, the humans are going to die off"

This is a sample of a conversation that MAY or MAY NOT have take place with my mother.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Betty Crocker...Is that You??

Yesterday at work we had a Waffle Brunch. This would be an example of an idea that was awesome in my head, but was kind of a nightmare to execute (and believe me, I wanted to execute myself before we were finished). 

We bought a Ten-Pound bag of pancake mix from Costco, and we ended up using the whole bag! We fed the whole floor! The "whole floor" consists of AT LEAST 80 people....give or take...I'm really bad with guesstimating...but not everyone ate, so don't feel TOO bad for us Waffle Slaves.

Guess who stirred all the batter BY HAND??
 Meeeeeee that's who! 

We had about 6 waffle makers going (and one grilled cheese sandwich maker) and made quite the mess that had to be scraped off later....Lots of toppings such as fruit and yummy junk hahahaa. And later in the day, we played our version of Jeopardy...Thank Goodness I couldn't play since I helped create the questions...we had a whole category of "Show Me" and all of them involved some sort of dance move. I would have keeled over and died if I had to...Literally would have died.
Apron : TJ Maxx

Above you see the Peach Polka dotted apron I wore. It was fun to wear and it gave people a laugh, which is good sometimes, I suppose. I was browsing TJ Maxx with a friend and these were by the check out was a struggle for me if I REALLY wanted to buy it or justification in buying it, is that I help out in the kitchen at church so I know I WILL be wearing this again!

All in all, I heard positive things only about the Waffle that's really exciting for me....but let's just say, I may or may not have crashed once I got home.....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What would happen?

What would happen if we just opened our arms to whatever the world threw at us? "We would get hit!", you might say.

While that is true, think about how us loving and accepting what life has to offer would affect those watching us.....

"Yea, yea, yea...Big deal!" you might IS a big deal. Think about the people in your life that has influence you in a positive way....what if they had your same mindset?

Sometimes, in my life, I'm afraid to step out and do things. It could even be something simple and I will be overcome with self-doubt. In order for great things to happen, we need to first step out and use our Faith. No more of this "I'm just waiting to see the signs" stuff for me! I am determined to change my mindset!!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starry Adventure

"Look at all the Stars!"

"Let's try to go visit them!"

"Can this take us there?"

"Can this take us there?"

"Can this take us there?"

"We Can't Get there!"

*Draw Draw*

"Here you go!"

"YAYYYY! The Stars!"


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ramblings on: The Things in Life

I think that its a little funny that when the kids see me around church, and I'm holding onto something (say a board game someone borrowed or a scrap of paper), they eagerly ask me in hopeful little voices "OH! Is that for Sunday School??" ....It throws me off a little, but then I chuckle to myself, because I guess there's worse things to be known for, now isn't there?

Have you ever tried breaking up with a friend? I think its the hardest thing that a person can do....sometimes, though, in order to preserve the title "friend", it seems like the best route to go....Why is it so hard? What if they become angry? I have a feeling if something isn't done, there might be two very frustrated people....but then, I guess it would lead for an interesting topic to talk about....There's alot of things mulling around in my needs to stop! hahaa

I have a friend who is obsessed with weird questions and will randomly instant message me at work "Do Frog Fart?.....I'm going to look that up!" Few minutes later, "Look what i found! 'If it can poop, it can fart' Wow!"...and every since that conversation, I will get random "If it can poop it can fart" messages.....I then have to remind this person that I am a LADY! AND DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT THAT! As you can see, We are very sophisticated at my corporate workplace....

On a lighter note, isn't it the best feeling ever when someone tells you that you helped them in some way....all without you really even knowing? BEST. FEELING. EVER!