Saturday, March 31, 2012

26 Random Things

1) Love to read. The last book I read was part of 1 Corinthians
2) My parents are about to arrive to my Place and all I can think about is eating Korean Food...And is my place clean enough for my mom?? We'll find out
3)Love reading blogs
4)When I have to do something, I try to do it in different ways.
5)Obsessed with coffee. Have to have it.
6)Work with kids with my church.
7)Sometimes I ignore my cell. Hey! It's my perogitive if I answer my own phone!
8)My pet peeve is people who are Slackers. BE DEPENDABLE!
9) Personally feel Loyalty can be stronger than Love
10) I often do not listen to non-Christian music. Why not? Because, I don't want to start thinking that women are ****es and that ***k is a normal word to say.
11)Often laugh at really random things....and I mean RANDOM....
12)Often have something in my hands...cell phone...pencils...bobby pins....
13)Has a shoe obsession
15)Likes to do "projects". While on a "project", that's all I can think about
16)Like eating food from different countries.
17)When focused on a task at hand, I literally can't respond to people when they talk to me.
18)Work for a very large Corporation
19)Love the silver time that happens right after the sun has just set.
20)Don't really like to be disturbed
21)Not athletic at all
22)When I don't like someone, I don't feel the need to try to small talk to them when they are around
23)Recently found someone that I REALLY dislike
24)Always carries hairspray in my purse
25) Left off number 14 on this list
26) Did you go back to see if I really did? I did.


  1. i totally went back to check if you did!!!! and i too laugh at random things. thats tres bizarre

  2. lol, you got me at the end. i think i pretty much knew everything on your list about you except the athletic part!! You could have fooled me there ; )....(bicycle incedent comes to mind heehe)* mb

  3. Hahahahaah! Yeah...I totally am not an athlete....and it's too scary to try (think: bicycle incident) !