Saturday, March 10, 2012

Betty Crocker...Is that You??

Yesterday at work we had a Waffle Brunch. This would be an example of an idea that was awesome in my head, but was kind of a nightmare to execute (and believe me, I wanted to execute myself before we were finished). 

We bought a Ten-Pound bag of pancake mix from Costco, and we ended up using the whole bag! We fed the whole floor! The "whole floor" consists of AT LEAST 80 people....give or take...I'm really bad with guesstimating...but not everyone ate, so don't feel TOO bad for us Waffle Slaves.

Guess who stirred all the batter BY HAND??
 Meeeeeee that's who! 

We had about 6 waffle makers going (and one grilled cheese sandwich maker) and made quite the mess that had to be scraped off later....Lots of toppings such as fruit and yummy junk hahahaa. And later in the day, we played our version of Jeopardy...Thank Goodness I couldn't play since I helped create the questions...we had a whole category of "Show Me" and all of them involved some sort of dance move. I would have keeled over and died if I had to...Literally would have died.
Apron : TJ Maxx

Above you see the Peach Polka dotted apron I wore. It was fun to wear and it gave people a laugh, which is good sometimes, I suppose. I was browsing TJ Maxx with a friend and these were by the check out was a struggle for me if I REALLY wanted to buy it or justification in buying it, is that I help out in the kitchen at church so I know I WILL be wearing this again!

All in all, I heard positive things only about the Waffle that's really exciting for me....but let's just say, I may or may not have crashed once I got home.....


  1. hahahha you didnt actually get to bust out any dance moves yourself did you??? because you literally would have keeled over. hahahha i know

  2. I love the apron! Do you remember the super cute one you bought for me from an antique store forever ago : ) if only I could cook ! but completely crazy idea D ! That was an insane amount of waffles

  3. I did not bust out in dance moves LOL! And Thank you for think the idea sounded good !