Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some thoughts, I guess....

I haven’t written in a really long time…not just on here, but also in my paper journal (which is rare because I write SOMETHING at least every other day)…..I guess there are times where everything feels like it needs to be commented on, and other times where the whole world is just a boring place and nothing seems exciting.

I guess to get my feet wet, I’ll just say some small things.

I recently found out that I REALLY dislike the comment “If you ever need someone to talk to just know that I’m here for you”….. I understand the underlying thought behind people saying this, I really do (I’ve even said this to people myself) …… they are worried about you…they want you to know that they are open to you talk to them, etc….this really gets my goat. Reason? Well….just because I know who I can and can’t talk to! Really…I know who will be the right person to talk to for certain subjects….and I PROMISE that if I wanted to tell you something, I definitely would….or at least would try. Really people, I know I can talk to you…I really do!

Enough on that!

Something cute that happened this Sunday…I was walking to my car to go to church and I see a little table at one of the intersections of the walking paths in my condo area, and there are little kids around it. Well, I knew they must have been selling something, so I checked my wallet to make sure I had cash in there (a very rare occurrence, let me tell ya!), and walked over there…..turns out they were selling Lemonade….for 50 Cents….so I bought 2 glasses (one for me and one for my friend)….OK…..let me just say it was practically straight lemon juice! As my friend and I were walking away, I muttered under my breath “Just pretend that you are drinking it!”

Well…….the fact that people bought TWO glasses so early in the morning must have REALLY excited the kids so I hear them yelling something like “WE NEED MORE LEMMMONNNSSS!” and then I see them wolf packing across the parking lot, climb up a fence, reach over…AND PROCEED TO PICK LEMONS FROM A NEIGHBORS LEMON TREE IN THEIR BACKYARD!!

Wow….I hope that I haven’t left a little imprint on these kid’s conscience that stealing things is rewarding.

And maybe you can tell why I just had to buy some lemon aid from the kid by the picture below....