Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home again, Home again....

This week went by in a whirlwind.....On Wednesday Erica, Cara, Savannah and myself all flew out to Arkansas for the Mid American Youth Conference. Due to the fact that we spent very little of our time in sleep mode, most of the trip was passed in hilarious delirium. 

We went to service there, site see-d (is that the past tense of "Sitesee"?...maybe the word I'm looking for is Sitesaw? Nothing sounds correct right now) all over Little Rock...both intentionally and we three girls have so many inside jokes that I can't even remember them all....I do know one of the keywords for one of the inside jokes is "Tim Hawkins"....Poor Uncle Mike...he unsuspectingly said that keyword when he picked us up from the airport and had us in stitches.
The Craziness is starting......
This is a mill that was in the movie Gone with the Wind

Myself with the Cuzzo's!
A mural showing a church scene....Good ole Hoe-down apparently

On the trolley going around Little Rock
Pretty self-explanatory I think

Yes....this is a pretty normal face for me when tired
What's in there, Girls?? Oh..... bales of hay you say? How...Interesting.
Inside the Church
Outside the church

Im just fascinated with this sign from the airport....Apparently some dogs relieve themselves of flowers?
My poor feet with their sock imprint that I wore on the plane
There's is really too much that I can write, but the bottom line is that I had a really wonderful time.....and even though I'm physically drained, I am indeed refreshed and ready to was a wonderful time!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Descanso Gardens....and me

Please excuse the Photo-Extravaganza! I went to the Descanso Gardens over the weekend and it was just so beautiful!! 
Lunch in the picnic areas......friend feeding the obese squirrels (yes, really)......Twelfth Night by Shakespeare was performed to the accompaniment of a harp....all pretty awesome....
These pictures are actually only a fraction of what I actually took.....The macro pictures of the flowers were taken with my Olloclip (best investment by my parents EVER!)

And, in case any of you are wondering......... I AM INDEED A GORILLA!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fools Rush in….

Model (?): Myself
Photographer: Mz Burn @ Mz Burn's Flickr

"I don't like where I'm going and I don't like where I've been. Why am I in a hurry?" 
Bertolt Brecht

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh those taxes!!

So I finally got my act together and filed my taxes. Well, more like, I went online and used the free H&R block site that people who don't make alot of money can use....

Well, I was feeling pretty spiffy about myself and how proactive I was being about having my taxes ready ONE WHOLE DAY before they were due. I mailed the little suckers in, but yesterday in the middle of the night, I was struck with the cold realization that I DIDN'T SIGN THE PAPERS!!

So I printed the info off again, borrowed stamps from my co-workers (if there ever is a national emergency like, a zombi apocalypse, I'm totally heading to work and raiding the drawers of my co-workers.... I would be able to survive anything with the stuff some people have)... And I mailed those suckers off again.... This time, signed.

I hope I didn't forget anything else, like including my W-2's.......


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Before I Leave.....

I got ready in a record amount of time, so now I have a little time before service today to do a post....I know...I'm a slacker...and since I'n not really into talking in complete sentences this morning (whilst eating my oatmeal and drinking my coffee), I will be using bullet points (my BFF...not really, but maybe....)

  • I have to do my taxes...seriously...they are sitting they're waiting for me to plug in all my numbers, but I just can't get myself to actually do it....
  • Butter Toffee coffee is my friend
  • Went to the Discovery Center in Santa Ana yesterday. Super awesome. But let me just say, anyone who wants a kid should go down there and then seriously reconsider that....
  • I had a really cool pic of Darth Vadar and all three of us that went to see the exhibit, BUT since my friend and I look like we are doing a mug shot with Vadar, I decided she would appreciate if I didn't place that on here hahaha! was at the end of the day and I think the screaming crowds of kids were getting to both of us, and it's pretty apparent by our expressions. 
  • I Still think bubbles are the most amazing things EVER!! ( This belief was reconfirmed by the Bubble show that they had at the Discovery Center).
  • My dad was always telling me to not make decisions when I'm emotional....good or bad emotions can lead to the wrong decisions being made....the problem that I've found is, I think I'm TOO I know i shouldn't make huge decisions I end up paralyzed! hahaha! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Enjoying the Sun

Why does riding a bike always make me feel like the with from the Wizard of Oz?
After Easter service and lunch at the cousins house (which the girls cooked due to a sick Aunt)...I decided it was high time to look silly and ride my bike again....and I a skirt.....Why?? 

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Why does In and Out always have to bag the Animal Style fries in a separate bag than the cheeseburger?? Makes me feel like a Porker being handed two bags for something that could very easily fit into one bag.....