Saturday, March 24, 2012

Conversations with my Friend

I did not draw this, but I love it!
Sometimes people are put in our lives and everything is great....Other times, I think that people are put in our lives to put us in our place....I think that the friend that feels like they can say whatever they want for our own good is the best friend any of us could wish for....I'm thinking that I'm blessed with several of that kind hahahaha!

Me: "Hmmmm....we truly are serioulsy complete opposites on like every subject"
Friend: "Yeah I know
How could that be?
I think you're doing it on purpose
You pray to God to be opposite with me on everything."
I really lol'd"
Friend: "It's true though"

The whole concept of a Friend is really amazing.....what brings people together? Commonalities or the lack of commonalities? I think that if I figured this out, I would make millions. 

Last night, I sat down and started listing the qualities in my friends, trying to find the key.....Do I like them because we are similar? Do I like them because we aren't? I couldn't find the key...but what I DID find was the fact that these people that I consider to be my friends are people that I feel I can be myself with. There's no need to be artificial because they still will be my friend no matter how crazy I get (God help them! No really.......God, Please help them.....).  Thank Goodness for our friends!


  1. That is a cute pic, did you find it on etsy? *mb

  2. Thank you...No I did not find this picture on Etsy...I didn't know that they even had pix like this on there!