Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY: Dino Spines

So, Since my friend's little girl loves dino's...and her birthday was on Saturday, I decided to try to be crafty and make something for the girlie....So I searched high and low on the internet looking desperately for something that an amateur like myself can recreate....And I came across these awesome looking Dino Hoodies that look semi- easy to do...and since I already have a lot of felt (from various other 'projects') all I needed was a sewing machine and a hoodie....

After asking my wonderful cube-mate if she knew of anyone that had one (she was herself), I was off to the stores to find a hoodie....which I did in short time...I also found a little jean skirt which I bought with little leggings....this whole outfit comes from the fact that I am always threatening to turn the little girl into a mini-Diana hahahaha! (minus the dino hoodie...I think i would draw the line there....possibly....ok...maybe not).

Below is a step by step on how I accomplished the project:

1) Cut the felt into diamond shapes...or if you want to make life difficult, two triangles that you will have to sew the bases together.

2) Sew the diamonds in a straight line down the back of the hoodie. You will get something like this:

3) I then folded the diamonds in half and just hand-stitched them shut.

 4) And that was it! It took maybe an hour/ hour and half, but I'm sure if you were sewing the diamonds shut with a sewing machine, it could possible go faster.


  1. Oh my gosh! That is SO cute, Diana!

  2. It takes guts to make a gift for someone, even if it's for a child...soo much pressure! I hope you at least got a handshake for all the trouble