Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Conversations with my Coworker

Please keep in mind this particular coworker has English as his second language. This has led to some hilarious conversations in which I am notorious for "egging" on.....

H: People from Belize speaks Spanish with an English accent
Me: How does that sound? [ I was just thinking that he would mimic it]
H: Like Reggae to my ears. 

This was said in all seriousness and with that, he just continued working as if nothing out of the ordinary was stated.....

Well, I wasn't satisfied in letting him stop talking.....Reason: this person will go all day....seriously, ALL DAY long without saying one word to ANYONE...but then, sometimes he'll start spouting things left and right......Soooooo...I continued with the banter (?). This then somehow led the conversation to people from Malaysia....

H: And everywhere you go in Malaysia there are Robber trees.
Me: ROBBER trees?
H: Yes! Robber Trees.
Me: Is that where are the Robber's hide??
H: Nooooo! That is what everything is made of there.....Robber!

Apparently....RUBBER trees grow in Malaysia...and Rubber items are in abundance.

Something interesting I learned (Whether it's true or not, I can't say), but items such as cookies and crackers that are made in China are dipped in plastic to get that nice shiny layer....because apparently, dipping food in plastic is cheaper that basting them in sugar or butter......like I said, I don't know if that's true or not but that is a little tidbit that came from my coworker.


  1. I have a friend from Vietnam and we have some really amusing conversations. Once he asked us to get him some lemon juice from the store, we did, and he took a big swig of it. Apparently, he thought he was requesting lemonade. (:

    1. That is such a funny story! I actually like to converse with people who have English as their second language since it tends to keep my brain really busy