Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home again, Home again....

This week went by in a whirlwind.....On Wednesday Erica, Cara, Savannah and myself all flew out to Arkansas for the Mid American Youth Conference. Due to the fact that we spent very little of our time in sleep mode, most of the trip was passed in hilarious delirium. 

We went to service there, site see-d (is that the past tense of "Sitesee"?...maybe the word I'm looking for is Sitesaw? Nothing sounds correct right now) all over Little Rock...both intentionally and we three girls have so many inside jokes that I can't even remember them all....I do know one of the keywords for one of the inside jokes is "Tim Hawkins"....Poor Uncle Mike...he unsuspectingly said that keyword when he picked us up from the airport and had us in stitches.
The Craziness is starting......
This is a mill that was in the movie Gone with the Wind

Myself with the Cuzzo's!
A mural showing a church scene....Good ole Hoe-down apparently

On the trolley going around Little Rock
Pretty self-explanatory I think

Yes....this is a pretty normal face for me when tired
What's in there, Girls?? Oh..... bales of hay you say? How...Interesting.
Inside the Church
Outside the church

Im just fascinated with this sign from the airport....Apparently some dogs relieve themselves of flowers?
My poor feet with their sock imprint that I wore on the plane
There's is really too much that I can write, but the bottom line is that I had a really wonderful time.....and even though I'm physically drained, I am indeed refreshed and ready to was a wonderful time!


  1. How fun...especially since I know how funny you get with lack of sleep! I love the church it is so beautiful! and the pic of you and the painting of the boys face had me cracking up! * mb

  2. Hahahaha! It was a great time, and I really liked the little boys picture as well

  3. This about sums it up in a nutshell lol I was re-laughing when looking at these pictures just thinking back! hahaha

  4. so glad you had a good time. I know you totally needed it.