Sunday, April 15, 2012

Before I Leave.....

I got ready in a record amount of time, so now I have a little time before service today to do a post....I know...I'm a slacker...and since I'n not really into talking in complete sentences this morning (whilst eating my oatmeal and drinking my coffee), I will be using bullet points (my BFF...not really, but maybe....)

  • I have to do my taxes...seriously...they are sitting they're waiting for me to plug in all my numbers, but I just can't get myself to actually do it....
  • Butter Toffee coffee is my friend
  • Went to the Discovery Center in Santa Ana yesterday. Super awesome. But let me just say, anyone who wants a kid should go down there and then seriously reconsider that....
  • I had a really cool pic of Darth Vadar and all three of us that went to see the exhibit, BUT since my friend and I look like we are doing a mug shot with Vadar, I decided she would appreciate if I didn't place that on here hahaha! was at the end of the day and I think the screaming crowds of kids were getting to both of us, and it's pretty apparent by our expressions. 
  • I Still think bubbles are the most amazing things EVER!! ( This belief was reconfirmed by the Bubble show that they had at the Discovery Center).
  • My dad was always telling me to not make decisions when I'm emotional....good or bad emotions can lead to the wrong decisions being made....the problem that I've found is, I think I'm TOO I know i shouldn't make huge decisions I end up paralyzed! hahaha! 


  1. Yes, my kid having has been reconsidered.

    1. Ahahaa! Seriously reconsider your reconsideration!