Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I make babies cry

While up North visiting my grandpa, I was able to see my Best Friends baby... Now, this baby doesn't really know who I am since I only make it back North about once a month and she's too little to remember much of anything.

Well, what does this Auntie D do? Why, tries to bribe the baby or course! What do I have to bribe a baby with? Why, with my brand new iPhone of course! I somehow was able to get her on my lap and I then proceeded to try to get a decent picture of a squirming fourteen month old....since she's a bright little thing, of course she wants to hold the thing in front of her since she can see herself on the screen with the front facing camera.... But does mean Auntie D let her play with the expensive toy? OF COURSE NOT!!! Which leads to the picture you see... I make babies cry....

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